Job Announcement: Staff Services Manager I Final Filing Date: 3/22/24

Under the general direction of the NAHC Deputy Executive Secretary, the Staff Services Manager I (SSM I) will oversee all related services, providing advice, analysis, and expert opinion. The SSM I will support the NAHC as the main point of contact, responsible for developing and ongoing application of a significant component of the Native American Land Information System (NALIS) by obtaining and analyzing information provided by California Indian tribes and public agencies for the NALIS. Ensure NAHC staff fulfills the necessary statutory responsibilities under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The SSM I is assigned to direct and manage the essential day-to-day programs within the NAHC Sacred Lands File Inventory (SLF), NAHC Contact List, Most Likely Descendant List (MLD), and NALIS database.

CalCareers: JC-420729 Staff Services Manager I

Governor Newsom appoints NAHC Commissioner Bennae Calac

On behalf of the Native American Heritage Commission (NAHC), esteemed Commissioners and staff, we are excited to be joined by Bennae Calac of the Pauma Band of Luiseño Indians. Bennae Calac was appointed as a Commissioner by Governor Gavin Newsom on February 29, 2024. The NAHC looks forward to Bennae Calac’s hard work and dedication to tribal communities, carry over to the NAHC’s mission to preserve and protect California Native American Ancestors and cultural heritage.

You may find Governor Newsom’s announcement of Commissioner Calac here.

Job Announcement: Staff Services Manager I Final Filing Date: 3/22/24

Under the general direction of the Chief Counsel, the Staff Services Manager I (SSM I) – Specialist will assist the Native American Heritage Commission (NAHC) Legal Department in the management of highly confidential and complex matters, including investigations and cases under the California Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (CalNAGPRA) Assembly Bill 275 (AB) and NAHC enforcement matters (Chapters 1.75 and 1.76 of Division 5 of the Public Resources Code, Senate Bill 18 (SB), and AB-52, and processing of complaints, requests for assistance, or disputes that arise under those laws; and exercise substantial authority over the NAHC’s response to Public Records Act (PRA) requests. The SSMI – Specialist, must exercise good judgment with all interactions with the public with minimal supervision by the Chief Counsel with oversight and authority to determine which complaints and charges will be investigated further by the Legal Department.

CalCareers: JC-419626 Staff Services Manager I (Specialist)