Timeline of Genocide Incidents in the Colorado River Region

CONTENT WARNING: Many of the primary sources linked on this timeline contain racist language or sentiment and graphic accounts of settler-colonial violence against indigenous people.

icode Appx.* Date Number killed


Location Source Source files
I0122 II March or April, 1850 4 Colorado River Chamberlain, My Confession, 306-315 http://nahc.ca.gov/webmaster/atlas/evidence/i0122a.pdf
I0697 III August or September, 1850 ~12 Colorado River, ferry crossing Burnett to Bean, September 4, 1850, IWP, F3753:7 http://nahc.ca.gov/webmaster/atlas/evidence/i0449.pdf
I1068 III November 11, 1851 12 Four miles west of the Colorado River Phillips, Chiefs and Challengers, 75
I1059 I April 17(?), 1859 10 “at least two Indians for every three shots fired” West side of the Colorado River Bishop to Hoffman, n.d., in DAC, April 17, 1859, 1 http://nahc.ca.gov/webmaster/atlas/evidence/i0888.pdf
I0888 III August 5, 1859 50 – 60 “about fifteen miles below Fort Mojave” K., August 6, 1859 in LAS, August 20, 1859, 1, reprinted in DAC, August 21, 1859, 1 and SDU, August 22, 1859, 4; letter in DAC, August 27, 1859, 1 http://nahc.ca.gov/webmaster/atlas/evidence/i0915.pdf
I0915 III Before January 21, 1860 10 “on the Colorado” Informant in LAS, January 21, 2



*Appendix (Appx.) refers to the reference’s location in:

Benjamin Madley, An American Genocide: The United States and the California Indian Catastrophe. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2016.

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Abbreviations used in timeline:

DAC: Daily Alta Californian newspaper (San Francisco)

IWP: California Adjutant General’s Office, Military Department, Adjutant General, Indian War Papers F3753

LAS: Los Angeles Star newspaper

SDU Sacramento Daily Union newspaper


For full bibliographical references please refer to the text or Atlas credits & references