Natural Resources Used in the South Coast Region


Our Lord’s Candle Cacti and succulents Yucca whipplei Cordage; needles; baskets; food 269
Prickly-pears Cacti and succulents Opuntia Food; needles; pigment 270
Blue dicks Herbaceous Plants Dichelostemma capitatum Food 259
Buckwheats Herbaceous Plants Eriogonum Medicine 259
Canarygrasses Herbaceous Plants Phalaris Food 259
Cattails Herbaceous Plants Typha Building material; food 260
Chia Herbaceous Plants Salvia columbariae Food; medicine; currency 260
Death camas or Star-Lily Herbaceous Plants Zigadenus fremontii Medicine; poison 260
Dogbane or Indian hemp Herbaceous Plants Apocynum cannabinum Cordage; regalia 260
Goosefoots Herbaceous Plants Chenopodium Food 261
Mariposa lilies Herbaceous Plants Calochortus Food 261
Milkweeds Herbaceous Plants Asclepias Cordage; chewing gum; medicine 261
Native barley Herbaceous Plants Hordeum intercedens Food 261
Peppergrasses Herbaceous Plants Lepidium Food; medicine 261
Red maids Herbaceous Plants Calandrinia cillata Food 262
Rushes Herbaceous Plants Juncus Baskets; building material; tools 262
Soap plant Herbaceous Plants Chlorogalum pomeridianum Food; poison; soap; tools; regalia 262
Tarweeds Herbaceous Plants Madia, Hemizonia and Blepharizonia Food; tools 262
Toloache or jimson weed Herbaceous Plants Datura wrightii Intoxicant; medicine 263
Wild cucumber Herbaceous Plants Marah macrocarpus Medicine; pigment 263
Wild tobaccos Herbaceous Plants Nicotiana Intoxicant; medicine 263
Yerba mansa or lizard’s tail Herbaceous Plants Anemopsis californica Medicine 264
Feather boa kelp Marine Plants Egregia menziesii Food 259
Giant bladder kelp Marine Plants Macrocystis pyrifera Food 259
Sea-grasses or surf grasses Marine Plants Phyllospadix Building material; cordage; clothing 259
Black oak Trees and shrubs Quercus kelloggii Food 267
California bay or laurel Trees and shrubs Umbellularia californica Medicine; deodorant; food 265
California black walnut Trees and shrubs Juglans californica Food; gaming pieces; baskets 265
California blackberry Trees and shrubs Rubus ursinus Food; medicine 265
California coffeeberry Trees and shrubs Rhamnus californica Medicine 265
California juniper Trees and shrubs Juniperus california Food; fuel; weapons; medicine 265
California scrub oak Trees and shrubs Quercus berberidifloria Food; weapons; tools 268
California wild grape Trees and shrubs Vitis californica Food 266
Coast live oak Trees and shrubs Quercus agrifolia Food; utensils; tools; pigment; fuel; medicine; hair styling 268
Coast redwood Trees and shrubs Sequoia sempervirens Boats 266
Coastal sagebrush Trees and shrubs Artemisia californica Medicine; weapons; building material; fuel 266
Cottonwoods Trees and shrubs Populus Building material; boats; clothing; medicine 266
Currants and gooseberries Trees and shrubs Ribes Food 266
Elderberries Trees and shrubs Sambucus Food; raw material; weapons; musical instruments; medicine 264
Holly-leafed cherry or Islay Trees and shrubs Prunus illicifolia Food 266
Lemonadeberry Trees and shrubs Rhus integrifolia Food; medicine 267
Manzanitas Trees and shrubs Arctostaphylos Food 267
Poison oak Trees and shrubs Toxicodendron diversilobum Medicine 268
Singleleaf pinyon Trees and shrubs Pinus monophylla Food; weapons; adhesives; chewing gum 268
Toyon Trees and shrubs Heteromeles arbutifolia Food; weapons; tools; playthings; fuel 269
Valley oak or white oak Trees and shrubs Quercus lobata Food 268
Wild rose Trees and shrubs Rosa californica Food; medicine 269
Willows Trees and shrubs Salix Building material; boats; musical instruments; tools; clothing; baskets; medicine 269
Wormwoods or mugworts Trees and shrubs Artemisia Medicine 261


Rainbow trout Anadromous Fishes Oncorynchus mykiss, formerly salmo gairdneri Food 274
Aphids Insects and other terrestrial invertebrates Aphidoidea Sweetener 272
Caterpillars Insects and other terrestrial invertebrates Lepidoptera Food 272
Grasshoppers Insects and other terrestrial invertebrates Caelifera Food 272
Yellowjacket larvae Insects and other terrestrial invertebrates Vespula and dolichovespula Food 295
Cormorants Marine birds and waterbirds Phalacrocorax Food 274
Ducks Marine birds and waterbirds Anatidae Food 274
Gulls Marine birds and waterbirds Larus Food 274
Pelicans Marine birds and waterbirds Pelecanus Food 274
Dolphins and porpoises Marine mammals Delphinidae Not given 276
Gray whale Marine mammals Eschrichtius robustus Food; tools; building material 276
Harbor seal Marine mammals Phoca vitulina Food 276
Sea lions and seals Marine mammals Otariidae and Phocidae Food 275
Sea otter Marine mammals Enhydra lutris Food 276
Bat ray Nearshore Fishes Myliobatus californica Food 273
Blacksmith Nearshore Fishes Chromis punctipinnis Food 273
Cabezon Nearshore Fishes Scorpaenichthys marmoratus Food 273
California sheephead Nearshore Fishes Semicossyphus pulcher Food 273
Kelp bass Nearshore Fishes Paralabrax clathratus Food 273
Rockfishes Nearshore Fishes Sebastes Food 273
Senorita Nearshore Fishes Oxyjulis californica Food 273
Surfperches Nearshore Fishes Embiotocidae Food 273
Anchovies Pelagic fishes Engraulididae Food 273
Chub mackerel Pelagic fishes Scomber japonicus Food 273
Leopard shark Pelagic fishes Triakis semifasciata Food 273
Pacific angel shark Pelagic fishes Squatina californica Food 273
Pacific barracuda Pelagic fishes Sphyraena argentea Food 273
Pacific bonito Pelagic fishes Sarda chilensis Food 273
Pacific sardine Pelagic fishes Sardinops sagax Food 273
Shovelnose guitarfish Pelagic fishes Rhinobatos productus Food 273
Soupfin shark Pelagic fishes Galeorhinus galeus Food 273
Swordfish Pelagic fishes Xiphias gladius Food; regalia 273
Yellowtail Pelagic fishes Seriola lalandi Food 273
Abalones Shellfish Haliotis Food; regalia; inlays; tools; utensils 270
Bean clam Shellfish Donax gouldii Food 270
Littleneck clam or rock cockle Shellfish Leukoma staminea Food 271
Mussels Shellfish Mytilus californianus and trossulus Food; tools; regalia 271
Olive snail Shellfish Callianax biplicata Currency; regalia 271
Pismo clam Shellfish Tivela stultorum Food; currency; regalis 271
Thick scallop Shellfish Argopecten ventricosus Food 271
Venus clams or hardshell cockles Shellfish Chione Food 271
California quail Terrestrial birds Callipepla californica Food 275
Raptors Terrestrial birds Falconiformes Regalia 275
Black-tailed deer or mule deer Terrestrial mammals Odocoileus hemionus columbianus Food 277
Squirrels Terrestrial mammals Sciuridae Food 276
Woodrats Terrestrial mammals Neotoma Food 277


Asphaltum or bitumen Rocks and minerals Asphaltum Caulk; adhesives 277
Steatite or soapstone Rocks and minerals Steatite Sculpture; utensils; tobacco pipes 277


*Page refers to LP2009 (Kent Lightfoot and Otis Parrish, California Indians and Their Environment. Berkeley, Los Angeles and London: University of California Press, 2009.)