Natural Resources Used in the Northeast Region


Sacramento pikeminnow Freshwater fishes Ptychocheilus grandis Food 297
Tui chub Freshwater fishes Siphateles bicolor Food 298
Mormon cricket Insects and other terrestrial invertebrates Anabrus simplex Food 295
Salmon flies Insects and other terrestrial invertebrates Plecoptera Food 295
Western pearlshell Shellfish Margaritifera falcata Food 294
American robin Terrestrial birds Turdus migratorius Food 299
Greater sage grouse Terrestrial birds Centrocercus urophasanius Food 299
Mountain quail Terrestrial birds Oreortyx pictus Food 299
Western meadowlark Terrestrial birds Sturnella neglecta Food 299
American porcupine Terrestrial mammals Erethizon dorsatum Food; baskets; utensils 299
Chipmunks Terrestrial mammals Tamias amoenus and minimus Food 299


Balsam-root Herbaceous Plants Balsamorhiza sagittata Food 284
Blazing star Herbaceous Plants Mentzelia albicaulis Food 284
Cow parsnip Herbaceous Plants Heracleum lanatum Medicine 285
Deltoid balsam-root Herbaceous Plants Balsamorhiza deltoidea Food 285
Desert parsley Herbaceous Plants Lomatium canbyi and trinertatum Food 285
Epos or ipos Herbaceous Plants Perideridia oregana Food 286
Fiddlenecks Herbaceous Plants Amsinckia Food 286
Lamb’s-quarters Herbaceous Plants Chenopodium fremontii Food 286
Mannagrasses Herbaceous Plants Glyceria Food 286
Sulphur flower Herbaceous Plants Eriogonum umbellatum Food 286
Wild parsley Herbaceous Plants Ligusticum grayi Medicine 287
Wild sunflowers Herbaceous Plants Helianthus Food 288
Wooly mullein Herbaceous Plants Verbascum thapsus Medicine 288
Yellow pond-lily Herbaceous Plants Nuphar lutea subsp. Polysepala Food 288
Black moss Mosses and Ferns Alectoria fremontii Medicine 283
Barberry Trees and shrubs Berberis aquifolium var. repens Medicine 289
Buckthorns Trees and shrubs Rhamnus Food 289
Cascara Trees and shrubs Rhamnus purshiana Medicine 289
Huckleberries Trees and shrubs Vaccinium Food 290
Klamath plum or Sierra plum Trees and shrubs Prunus subcordata Food 290
Mountain-mahoganies Trees and shrubs Cercocarpus Weapons; tools 290
Pacific yew Trees and shrubs Taxus brevifolia Weapons 291
Ponderosa pine Trees and shrubs Pinus ponderosa Baskets; boats; fuel; building material 292
Sagebrush Trees and shrubs Artemisia tridentata Medicine; building material; cordage 292
Skunkbush Trees and shrubs Rhus trilobata Food 292
Twinberry Trees and shrubs Lonicera involucruta Food 292
Western juniper Trees and shrubs Juniperus occiedentalis var. occidentalis Food; baskets; fuel; medicine 293
Western service-berry Trees and shrubs Amelanchier alnifolia Food 293
White fir Trees and shrubs Abies concolor Boats 294


*Page refers to LP2009 (Kent Lightfoot and Otis Parrish, California Indians and Their Environment. Berkeley, Los Angeles and London: University of California Press, 2009.)