UC Systemwide and Campus Committee Qualifications


Tribal Nominees

Tribal Nominees must be a member of a federally or non-federally recognized California Indian tribe as defined by Section 8012 of the Health and Safety Code. And have at least five years of experience in any of the following:

  • Repatriation of human remains and cultural items pursuant to the federal Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act;
  • Cultural resources protection under tribal, state, and federal law; or
  • Consultation with state and federal entities and agencies.

Preference shall be given to members of a California Indian tribe.

UC Nominees

UC Nominees must be Affiliated with or employed by the University of California and have the following:

  1. A graduate degree in any of the following: Archaeology, Anthropology, Native American Studies, Ethnic Studies, Law, Sociology, Environmental Studies, or History, with a focus in California; and
  2. A minimum of five years’ experience working in his or her field of study.

Note: At least two UC nominees to the Systemwide one UC nominee to the Campus Committee(s) must be affiliated with an American Indian or Native American Studies program.

You are encouraged to submit a nomination if the nominee meets a majority of the requirements, even if you are unsure as to whether they meet a specific requirement. In the event that you are uncertain as to whether a nominee may be qualified under a certain requirement, please include a brief explanatory statement supporting their qualifications in your nomination packet. The NAHC shall consider all supporting materials and narrative to make a final determination of eligibility.

Preference: Preference shall be given to members who have demonstrated, through their professional experience, the ability to work in collaboration with Native American tribes successfully on issues related to repatriation or museum collection management.