Tribal Cultural Resources Law Training


This is a virtual trainings series on topics of Tribal Cultural Resources Law. This training series includes ten (10) distance learning units designed to work as standalone units, or a comprehensive training series that participants can complete at their own pace. The series was filmed over two (2) days in August 2021 on the UC Davis Campus. The training was broadcast live over a YouTube channel while it was being recorded. All of the units for this training series are available in a distance learning format utilizing video and webinar style presentations.


The Tribal Cultural Resources Law Training materials include:

  • One (1) Training Series Outline with descriptions and length of each of the units. This is to enable viewers to decide if they want to view every unit or just one or a few and budget their time accordingly.
  • Ten (10) Executive Summaries, one for each unit that includes Unit Title, Outline of Training, Target Outcomes, and Discussion Questions. These are meant to be used as guides to assist viewers in navigating the material that will be covered in each of the units.
  • Ten (10) Videos, one (1) for each unit with a split screen of the trainer and the PowerPoint showing at the same time. These provide instructions on the topics covered in the corresponding PowerPoint slides developed for each unit.
  • Ten (10) Handout Versions of the PowerPoint slides, one (1) for each unit. These are provided for those viewers who may want to follow a handout version of the slides while they listen to or watch the video presentation.
  • Eight (8) Law Libraries that correspond to the law cited in each relevant unit beginning with Unit 2 and ending with Unit 9. These are to facilitate viewers referencing the code sections, if they choose to, that are mentioned in each unit.

The Tribal Cultural Resources Law Training may be accessed here.