Rescheduled Quarterly Meeting: Public Meeting Notice and Agenda – July 14, 2023



Office Phone (916) 373-3710


 Location: CNRA Auditorium

715 P Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

Friday, July 14, 2023

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Notices, Agendas, and supporting documents for Native American Heritage Commission Meetings and Public Hearings will be provided at the event and may also be accessed at or by written request to Confidential materials exempt.

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The Native American Heritage Commission complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you need additional information or assistance, please contact the Commission at (916) 373-3710 or via email at

Agenda items may be taken out of order.



  • Welcome
  • Roll Call
  • Introduction of Commissioners, Staff, and Attorney General’s Representative
  • Traditional Opening


  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes
    1. January 19, 2023, Open Session
    2. January 20, 2022, Open Session
    3. May 5, 2023, Open Session
  2. City of Corona WRF Lift Station No. 3 Project (Mario Pallari, NAHC Legal Counsel)1
    1. Update on City of Corona’s progress, Most Likely Descendant (MLD) recommendations, and tribal concerns
    2. Discuss and consider Commission recommendations to landowner, City of Corona, concerning compliance with Most Likely Descendant (MLD) Statute (Pub. Res. Code, § 5097.98)
      • Commissioners to consider drafting a Letter to the City of Corona
      • Appointment of Commissioner Buffy McQuillen as Lead Commissioner for this matter
      • Commissioners to consider offering Mediation to all parties pursuant to Pub. Res. Code, § 5097.94 (k)
      • Commissioners to consider the potential for designating the Corona WRF Lift Station No. 3, Project location a Native American sanctified cemetery and burial ground
  3. Calendar Dates for FY 2023-24 Public Commission Meetings (Raymond Hitchcock, Executive Secretary)
    1. Commissioners to approve the following Commission Meeting dates:
      • Friday, October 20, 2023, Location TBD
      • Friday, January 19, 2024, Location TBD
      • Friday, April 19, 2024, Location TBD
      • Friday, July 19, 2024, Location TBD
  4. Draft Contact List Regulations Update (Raymond C Hitchcock, Executive Secretary)
    1. Commissioners to consider duration of Formal Tribal Comment & Consultation Period for the eventual release of these Draft Regulations
  5. Commission Sub-Committee Update (Raymond Hitchcock, Executive Secretary)[List of NAHC Subcommittees]
    1. Commissioners to consider filing Sub-Committee vacancies
      • Most Likely Descendant Regulations Sub-Committee (Commissioner Bojorquez, vacant)
      • UC NAGPRA Policy Sub-Committee vacancies (Commissioner Rodriguez, vacant)
    2. Commissioners to consider changes to existing Sub-Committee assignments
      • Contact List Regulations (Commissioner McQuillen, Commissioner Nelson)
      • UC Systemwide/Campus Committee Nominations Sub-Committee (Chairman Pagaling, Commissioner Rodriguez)
      • CalNAGPRA Regulations Sub-Committee, (Secretary Dutschke, Chairman Pagaling)
      • CalNAGPRA Mediation Regulations Sub-Committee (Secretary Dutschke, Chairman Pagaling)
    3. Commissioners to consider additional Sub-Committee assignments
      • Sacred Lands File Regulations Sub-Committee
      • NAHC Strategic Plan Sub-Committee
      • NAHC Budget and Contracts Sub-Committee
  6. Commissioner Officer Elections (Raymond Hitchcock, Executive Secretary)
    1. Commissioners to elect Officer positions for the following positions:
      • Chairperson
      • Vice Chairperson
      • Secretary


  1. Digital Atlas (Raymond Hitchcock, Executive Secretary)
    1. Update Commissioners on relocation and modification options for the Digital Atlas
  2. 2023-2027 Strategic Plan Update (Raymond Hitchcock, Executive Secretary)
    1. Review Summary of 2018-2023 Strategic Plan
  3. Executive Secretary Report, (Raymond Hitchcock, Executive Secretary) [Executive Secretary Report]
  4. Commissioner Reports

PUBLIC COMMENT – Public comment will be limited to 3 minutes for each speaker, unless otherwise determined by the Commission.

Please email any public comments to by 4:00PM Thursday, July 13, 2023, to be read into the record.  All submissions should include “Public Comment” in the subject line, your name, who you represent, and the subject you wish to address.

The public may comment on any item on the agenda before action is taken on the item.

4:00 PM — ADJOURNMENT – At the end of Public Comment or 4:00 PM, whichever is first.


[1] City of Corona, lead agency, CEQA project: where Cal. Pub. Res. Code § 5097.98 is also applicable.

*The Native American Heritage Commission complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you need additional information or assistance, please contact the Commission at (916) 373-3710 or via email at Our website address is: Follow us on Twitter: @CA_NAHC