Resignation – Chairperson Laura Miranda

The Native American Heritage Commission regretfully announces the resignation of our Chairperson, Laura Miranda. Appointed to the Commission by Governor Schwarzenegger in 2007, Laura has been a fierce proponent of change in the world of cultural resource protection. Some of her accomplishments include legislative work on our state’s most important cultural resource protection laws, such as SB 18, AB 52, and CalNAGPRA. For over 16 years, she’s used her expertise as a tribal attorney to help guide the Commission through significant changes in the cultural resource protection landscape. She has also tenaciously advocated for tribes in the wake of legal violations and non-compliance committed by some of the state’s most prestigious universities.

Her contributions to the Commission, as well as the statutes that affect tribes and tribal communities, have been far-reaching. We wish her the very best in all her future endeavors and thank her for the valuable work she’s done for tribal communities and for the Commission.