UC Repatriation Committee Candidate Outreach – Tribal Position

The Native American Heritage Commission is currently soliciting nominations from qualified and passionate candidates to serve on the University of California NAGPRA Committees. Respectful repatriation rooted in meaningful tribal consultation is required by California NAGPRA (CalNAGPRA). Furthermore, CalNAGPRA requires the UC to establish both Campus and Systemwide NAGPRA Committees (Health and Saf. Code §8026). These committees are platforms for passionate advocates to ensure legal compliance, cultural respect, and the decolonization of the UC’s repatriation practices.  The committees are composed of both UC and Native American representatives. The NAHC is continually accepting nominations for all positions. More information and application packets can be found here.

All Tribal representatives must meet the following criteria:

  • A voting member of a California Indian tribe shall be an elder, spiritual leader, or tribal member, as designated by the governing body of the individual’s tribe, with a minimum of five years’ prior experience in any of the following:
    • Repatriation pursuant to federal NAGPRA.
    • Cultural resources protection under tribal, state, and federal laws.
    • Consultation with state and federal entities and agencies.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns to calnagpra@nahc.ca.gov.