NAHC Notice of Investigation into CSULB’s Actions Regarding Puvungna

On July 30, 2021, the Native American Heritage Commission (NAHC) voted to start an investigation into CSULB’s dumping of construction debris/soil on Puvungna. Please see the attached letter proving tribes and CSULB with notice of NAHC’s investigation.

Please consider providing the NAHC with written testimony or if you would prefer, verbal testimony, via telephone or TEAMs meeting.  Please contact Justin Freeborn, via email, concerning the following issues:

  1. The significance of Puvungna to your tribe; and
  2. How CSULB’s actions (and the current state of Puvungna with the dumped soil on it) inhibit your ability to freely practice your religion and use Puvungna as you would like.
    1. Has the dumped soil damaged any sacred aspects of Puvungna?
    2. Will the dumped possibly damage cultural resources on the site?

A public hearing on this matter will be held at a later date, and it would be helpful to have written and/or verbal testimony prior to that hearing so that your viewpoints and values are included in the NAHC’s investigation report on this matter.

NAHC Notice of Investigation into Puvungna (NOI#2021-1)